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Earth’s New Mass Extinction: The Unnoticed Cost of Increased Consumption


Sixty percent of the world’s species have been lost in less than 50 years, and almost nobody noticed. How could this alarming and cataclysmic destruction of over half of the Earth’s species go almost completely unnoticed? The current news cycle is exhausting.  In November, on the day that the World Wildlife Fund released their bi-annual […]

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Tagging my First Horseshoe Crab


I have never tagged a horseshoe crab. This is strange because I work to protect horseshoe crabs, advocate for reducing the harvest of horseshoe crabs, and personally think they are just the coolest crab there is. So, here we are in June—the mating season of the horseshoe crab. The time when, sometimes hundreds of crabs, […]

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A Teachable Moment


For those that tried to email me last week, you probably got my message that I was “out of the country.”  I was actually cruising the Caribbean with my husband and three-year-old daughter, Mikayla.  But before we boarded the cruise we spent a few days on Miami Beach. Ahhh, vacation.  What could be better than […]

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