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Connecticut Legislature Approves Ban on Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products, Pesticides on Town Playgrounds


The 2015 Connecticut Legislative Session has officially come to a close, and CCE members in Connecticut are celebrating two important, last-minute victories for clean water and a healthy environment. The first is a bill that phases out and ultimately prohibits the sale of personal care products that contain plastic microbeads.  These are tiny plastic particles that […]

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Fractivists Deliver Thousands of Signatures in Support of a Ban on Fracking Waste in CT


Over 50 Connecticut residents recently came to Hartford to tell Governor Malloy and the CT General Assembly to ban toxic fracking waste in 2014.    Unfortunately, states without industrial oil and gas development such as Connecticut can still be negatively impacted by the disposal of waste products from fracking. The crowd consisted of John and Joan Q. Public’s […]

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What the Frack is Going On?


So what the frack is going on? March has been a busy month for fracking in New York and there is a lot to catch up on.  In the past couple weeks the Assembly passed a moratorium, the Senate IDC introduced a moratorium, Siena released a new public opinion poll, the Senate Republicans are definitely pushing back on the […]

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From Bottled Water to Canned Air


I am a huge fan of science fiction.  From Han and Chewbacca making the jump to light speed in Star Wars to Marty McFly escaping Biff on his hoverboard in Back to the Future.  I love it all, and I believe that many of the gadgets portrayed in scifi films are eventually going to be […]

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Did Obama Commit to Action on Climate Change?



Today is a momentous day in American history, as our 44th President was sworn in for a second term.  Whether Democrat or Republican, the fact that this happens almost flawlessly every four years speaks volumes about a process and institution that we take for granted.  We have a calm and peaceful transition or, in this […]

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