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How to Avoid Plastic Microbeads: Ban Them!


Ever since I heard about Dr. Sherri Mason’s research on plastic microbeads in the Great Lakes, I’ve become very concerned, some say obsessed, with the issue of microbeads. The fixation began in my own house, where I found toothpastes, facial scrubs, and hand soaps with microbeads. My wife and I threw them all away, and […]

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Ban Plastic Microbeads in New York!


Although you may not even realize it, you may be scrubbing plastic on to your face or teeth every morning. In recent years a new ingredient has been added to many personal care products such as facial scrubs, soaps, shampoo, and toothpaste.  Tiny plastic microbeads have replaced ground walnut shells, sea salt, and other natural materials as an […]

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