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How to Avoid Plastic Microbeads: Ban Them!


Ever since I heard about Dr. Sherri Mason’s research on plastic microbeads in the Great Lakes, I’ve become very concerned, some say obsessed, with the issue of microbeads. The fixation began in my own house, where I found toothpastes, facial scrubs, and hand soaps with microbeads. My wife and I threw them all away, and […]

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Guest Perspective: A Tiny Culprit to a Very Large Problem


The next opportunity you have, walk to your bathroom and look at your personal care products. Do any of the products you use contain “microbeads?” Chances are, they do. Microbeads are beads of plastic that are 5mm or smaller in diameter that are marketed to customers by offering exfoliating benefits when bathing, washing your face […]

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A Clean Face shouldn’t mean Dirty Water: 10 things you didn’t know about microbeads


1. Microbeads are used in hundreds of personal care products (including toothpaste, shaving cream, shower gel and exfoliating scrubs): Today, a significant number of personal care products such as scrubs and toothpastes are known to contain thousands of minuscule balls of plastic called microbeads. Over the years, microbeads have replaced traditional, biodegradable alternatives such as […]

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