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The Uncertain Future of Domestic Wind


Extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy is important to the future of the wind industry in America, including potential projects offshore of Long Island. The PTC is a key federal tax incentive that has helped to build a strong wind industry in the United States. The credit works by providing wind […]

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Governor Cuomo Must Keep “New Inlet” Open!


Hurricane Sandy caused massive damage to homeowners, businesses, and our environment on Long Island and beyond.  If we could point to one silver lining, it would be the creation of a new inlet in the Fire Island Wilderness Area.  In fact, Sandy caused three three breaches to open on Fire Island.  Two inlets were immediately closed.  […]

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Did Obama Commit to Action on Climate Change?



Today is a momentous day in American history, as our 44th President was sworn in for a second term.  Whether Democrat or Republican, the fact that this happens almost flawlessly every four years speaks volumes about a process and institution that we take for granted.  We have a calm and peaceful transition or, in this […]

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NYS Budget Winners and Woes


Every year, in New York State, we go through the budget battle.  The New York legislative session goes from January to June, and the budget is the time where you really start to dig your heels in and get to work.  First the Executive (Governor Cuomo) presents their budget and then the Assembly and Senate respond […]

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