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Long Island Sound Day in D.C.!


3:00am—BEEP BEEP BEEP That was the sound of CCE’s staff waking up to spend the day in D.C. fighting for Long Island Sound restoration and protection funding.  We boarded the bus in the early hours of the morning with other Long Island stakeholders, including Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor, Friends of the Bay, Save the […]

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New Dredged Material Management Plan for LIS Is a Betrayal of Public Trust


In 2005, the Governors of New York and Connecticut signed a bi-state agreement to end the antiquated practice of disposing untreated dredged materials in Long Island Sound.  This was done with an understanding that a healthy Sound is critical to the health of our economy and our maritime culture.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers […]

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How to Avoid Plastic Microbeads: Ban Them!


Ever since I heard about Dr. Sherri Mason’s research on plastic microbeads in the Great Lakes, I’ve become very concerned, some say obsessed, with the issue of microbeads. The fixation began in my own house, where I found toothpastes, facial scrubs, and hand soaps with microbeads. My wife and I threw them all away, and […]

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CT Legislative Update and Perspectives on Environmental Advocacy in the New Year


Connecticut has historically been a nationwide leader on environmental protection and public health issues, and activists in Hartford are working to make this another important year for our state.  The 2015 Connecticut legislative session has been underway for just over a month and state legislators have already raised a over a dozen important pro-environment bills to […]

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New York Should Invest in its Ocean and Great Lakes


New York State is currently in the middle of its budget negotiations (read: battle) and Governor Cuomo has put forth his proposal. He has thirty days to make amendments and then the Senate and Assembly will put forth their versions.  After the requisite back-and-forth, a final budget will be approved by the Legislature and signed […]

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117 Million Americans: Your Drinking Water is at Risk


More than 40 years ago, Congress made a promise to protect and improve our nation’s waters for future generations by passing the Clean Water Act (CWA). However, since 2001, Supreme Court decisions and federal guidance changes have weakened the CWA by limiting federal protections over wetlands and small streams. As a result, many wetlands and small streams are […]

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Donald Trump Masquerades on Halloween as Environmentalist, Friend of the Community


‘The Donald’ is known for a lot of things—running casinos, building luxury towers, investing in golf courses—but protecting the environment is not one of them. So when Newsday reports that Trump is interested in buying Plum Island to build a luxury golf course, clubhouse, and helicopter landing pads instead of allowing conservationists to convert the […]

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