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Communities Want a Healthy River and Lake


Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River provide drinking water to several million people, support multi-billion dollar industries, offer unparalleled recreation and fishing opportunities, generate renewable hydroelectric power, and are home to an impressive array of wildlife. Perhaps most importantly, the river and lake enhance the quality of life for everyone in the region. It […]

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New York Should Invest in its Ocean and Great Lakes


New York State is currently in the middle of its budget negotiations (read: battle) and Governor Cuomo has put forth his proposal. He has thirty days to make amendments and then the Senate and Assembly will put forth their versions.  After the requisite back-and-forth, a final budget will be approved by the Legislature and signed […]

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Shape the Future of Great Lakes Restoration


Since it’s inception in 2010, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) has proved to be the shot in the arm that is needed to help bring the Great Lakes back from the tipping point of ecological collapse.  With more than a billion dollars invested through the GLRI, the program has been successful in cleaning up toxic hot spots, […]

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