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Earth’s New Mass Extinction: The Unnoticed Cost of Increased Consumption


Sixty percent of the world’s species have been lost in less than 50 years, and almost nobody noticed. How could this alarming and cataclysmic destruction of over half of the Earth’s species go almost completely unnoticed? The current news cycle is exhausting.  In November, on the day that the World Wildlife Fund released their bi-annual […]

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Divesting From Fossil Fuels


For several years, student protesters at Syracuse University and SUNY ESF called for the divestment of fossil fuels. It was not until last April that both institutions announced the policy change. Syracuse University and SUNY ESF committed to complete fossil fuel divestment within five years. In addition, both institutions pledged to no longer directly invest […]

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Fractivists Deliver Thousands of Signatures in Support of a Ban on Fracking Waste in CT


Over 50 Connecticut residents recently came to Hartford to tell Governor Malloy and the CT General Assembly to ban toxic fracking waste in 2014.    Unfortunately, states without industrial oil and gas development such as Connecticut can still be negatively impacted by the disposal of waste products from fracking. The crowd consisted of John and Joan Q. Public’s […]

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No Fracking Way!!!


In September 2009, New York State released a draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (dSGEIS) for Oil, Gas, and Solution Mining, which would cover the environmental impact of high volume hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in low permeability shale formations.  Three years, two public comment periods and countless rallies and lobby days later – New […]

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All Politics Is Still Local


With Election Day approaching, it is no surprise that Americans are being inundated with political ads and campaign messages. Under mounting pressure to be politically engaged, the reaction often heard from people is one of apathy and frustration. We have all heard the complaints; “All politicians are the same,” “It’s not like whoever gets elected […]

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