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Saima Anjam

Saima Anjam

Saima Anjam leads the analytical development of the annual Voters' Guide by tracking legislation as it moves through the State Legislature, recording lawmakers' votes on significant environmental measures, and calculating legislators' scores. EPL/Environmental Advocates was formed in 1969 as one of the first organizations in the nation to advocate for the future of a state’s environment and the health of its citizens. Through lobbying, advocacy, coalition building, citizen education, and policy development, EPL/Environmental Advocates has been New York’s environmental conscience by ensuring that environmental laws are enforced, that tough new measures are enacted when necessary, and that the public is informed of, and participates in, important environmental policy debates.

Saima's Posts

Guest Perspective: New York’s Only Green Scorecard: The 2012 Voters’ Guide


EPL/Environmental Advocates’ 2012 Voters’ Guide released last week demonstrates how this year was one of the least productive—and potentially most damaging—for New York State’s environmental agenda in more than a decade. Scores fell in both houses due to lack of action on the environmental community’s priority Super Bills—pieces of legislation most critical to our environmental […]

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