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Maureen Dolan Murphy

Maureen Dolan Murphy

Like all of the CCE staff, Maureen answered an ad in the paper in the fall of 2001, and as they say, the rest is history. Maureen has worked in CCE’s offices around the state and currently calls Long Island her home. Her favorite campaigns are BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag), protection of our bays, estuaries, and ocean, drinking water protection, recycling, and renewable energy. Maureen has worked on historic campaigns such as stopping the dumping of dredged material into LIS and the Stop Broadwater campaign. She has co-authored the Long Island Recycling Report Cards and the Long Island Sewage in the Suburbs report. She graduated from Siena College, Loudonville, NY in 2001. She is happy to be a new mom and to work with such great colleagues.

Maureen's Posts

The Health & Science of Our Bays: A Fire Island Perspective


We were proud to co-host the forum, “The Health & Science of Our Bays: A Fire Island Perspective.” The public forum brought together experts from government and environmental organizations to begin a critically important discussion on water quality challenges and solutions, specifically tailored to the unique challenges of Fire Island. Background: Long Island’s water quality […]

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Long Island Sound Day in D.C.!


3:00am—BEEP BEEP BEEP That was the sound of CCE’s staff waking up to spend the day in D.C. fighting for Long Island Sound restoration and protection funding.  We boarded the bus in the early hours of the morning with other Long Island stakeholders, including Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor, Friends of the Bay, Save the […]

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Tagging my First Horseshoe Crab


I have never tagged a horseshoe crab. This is strange because I work to protect horseshoe crabs, advocate for reducing the harvest of horseshoe crabs, and personally think they are just the coolest crab there is. So, here we are in June—the mating season of the horseshoe crab. The time when, sometimes hundreds of crabs, […]

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A Teachable Moment


For those that tried to email me last week, you probably got my message that I was “out of the country.”  I was actually cruising the Caribbean with my husband and three-year-old daughter, Mikayla.  But before we boarded the cruise we spent a few days on Miami Beach. Ahhh, vacation.  What could be better than […]

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When Industry’s Propaganda Becomes Laughable


I have been in this work long enough to know that industry tells lies.  Broadwater will save you money (really?).  The contaminated plume is not a health threat (until Volatile Organic Compounds are detected in the basement).  This product is safe for fish (oops).  Even though it’s not something new when industry lies, it still […]

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Video Blog Series: “A Day in the Life: An Island That Has Gone to the Birds”


CCE Executive Director Adrienne Esposito and I had the unique opportunity to visit Great Gull Island- a small island in the middle of Long Island Sound that is home to thousands of endangered birds. The island is owned by the Museum of Natural History.  Every year volunteers flock to the island to track and monitor the endangered Common and […]

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CCE’s 2012 Environmental Equinox Award Gala


Throughout the year CCE is involved in a variety of critically important issues dealing with everything from sewage pollution to groundwater protection.  But I’m not going to write about any of that in this blog post, this  is all about our annual Environmental Equinox Award Gala—an event that takes a year to plan and culminates […]

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