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Louis Burch

Louis Burch

Louis graduated from Stony Brook University in December, 2006 with a bachelor's degree in sociology and a minor in political science. He started working with CCE in January of 2008, and has worked on a number of campaigns including Long Island Sound restoration, reducing pesticide exposure in children's schools, and supporting funding for environmental protection in NY and CT. He moved to New Haven in 2009, and now works in Hamden, CT as CCE's Government Relations Liaison.

Louis's Posts

Connecticut Legislature Approves Ban on Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products, Pesticides on Town Playgrounds


The 2015 Connecticut Legislative Session has officially come to a close, and CCE members in Connecticut are celebrating two important, last-minute victories for clean water and a healthy environment. The first is a bill that phases out and ultimately prohibits the sale of personal care products that contain plastic microbeads.  These are tiny plastic particles that […]

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CT Legislative Update and Perspectives on Environmental Advocacy in the New Year


Connecticut has historically been a nationwide leader on environmental protection and public health issues, and activists in Hartford are working to make this another important year for our state.  The 2015 Connecticut legislative session has been underway for just over a month and state legislators have already raised a over a dozen important pro-environment bills to […]

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Pesticide-Free Sports Fields are Working for Connecticut’s Youth


There is no debate among the scientific community; pesticides pose an unacceptable and disproportionate risk to children’s health. That’s why it made sense for the State of Connecticut to prohibit lawn care pesticides from being used on school playing fields in 2005, to protect Connecticut’s smallest children where they learn and play.  Since then, awareness around […]

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Fractivists Deliver Thousands of Signatures in Support of a Ban on Fracking Waste in CT


Over 50 Connecticut residents recently came to Hartford to tell Governor Malloy and the CT General Assembly to ban toxic fracking waste in 2014.    Unfortunately, states without industrial oil and gas development such as Connecticut can still be negatively impacted by the disposal of waste products from fracking. The crowd consisted of John and Joan Q. Public’s […]

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The Movement to Ban Hazardous Fracking Waste Growing in CT


If you asked most people in Connecticut if they have ever heard of high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking, for short) five years ago, you probably would have received a lot of puzzled looks.  Much has happened since then, including the release of Josh Fox’s 2010 documentary Gasland and its 2013 sequel, Gasland II.  Since then, there […]

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Dirty Water Woes: Sequestration’s Impact on Clean Water Funding


Clean water is a necessity, not a luxury item. Unfortunately, that is not the signal we often get from Washington.  The Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRF) provide essential support for critical infrastructure repairs and upgrades.    These programs make up a small fraction of the Federal budget every year, and yet they […]

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Pesticides and Children’s Health Still Don’t Mix


In 2007, Connecticut passed the first statewide ban on using turf pesticides on playing fields (grades Kindergarten-8). The ban sent a bold message to Scott’s, DuPont and the rest of the nation that children’s health is far more valuable than market shares and corporate profits. It’s now unlawful for any school or their groundskeepers to […]

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