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Jason Kulczyk

Jason Kulczyk

Jason attended SUNY Albany, and has been with CCE since 2001. In 2004, he became the Long Island Outreach Director and has worked on campaigns that range from the defeat of a Shell Oil proposal in Long Island Sound to keeping harmful toxins out of our drinking water. He believes that the progress of humanity starts with the preservation of our environment.

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From Bottled Water to Canned Air


I am a huge fan of science fiction.  From Han and Chewbacca making the jump to light speed in Star Wars to Marty McFly escaping Biff on his hoverboard in Back to the Future.  I love it all, and I believe that many of the gadgets portrayed in scifi films are eventually going to be […]

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Virtual Activism and the Real World


We live in restless and audacious times, from personality to politics, and it can be seen whenever we go online.  Internet social media has given people the opportunity to do everything from sharing how much fun they had last night with everyone to showing their stance on the political issues of the day.  In this […]

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