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Greg Walbrecht

Greg Walbrecht

Greg Walbrecht is the Operations and Outreach Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE). Greg has the honor of supervising CCE's awesome Outreach Directors and working with them to maximize CCE's effectiveness on campaigns to protect our environment and public health. It doesn't stop there as Greg works to develop and train the future activists and leaders of this most important environmental movement. Working for CCE is Greg's first and only job out of college and he has worked for CCE for over 20 years! Working with CCE and the amazing staff has been a great privilege, and a lot of fun, and he looks forward to the many challenges ahead!

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Fossil Fuel Fix


“Hi, my name is Greg and I’m a gasaholic.” I just got back from the pleasant experience of filling my car with gas.  Normally, such a task would not be so noteworthy, or worth writing about, but in a post “Super Storm Sandy” world it definitely is.  I left my house early this morning because […]

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