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No Fracking Way!!!


In September 2009, New York State released a draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (dSGEIS) for Oil, Gas, and Solution Mining, which would cover the environmental impact of high volume hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in low permeability shale formations.  Three years, two public comment periods and countless rallies and lobby days later – New Yorkers all over the state are standing up and saying NO FRACKING WAY!

Fracking is only part of the drilling process, but understanding how fracking works has led millions of New Yorkers to realize that the time for fossil fuels is over.  Fracking is the last ditch effort of a dying industry to keep its dirty carbon-based hold on New York’s energy production and use.  By saying no to fracking, New Yorkers aren’t just saying no to fracking they are saying YES to renewable energy and a clean, healthy environment.

New Yorkers Need Clean Air & Water…And Energy

There are inherent risks to hydro-fracking, and all fossil fuel development.  New Yorkers should not have to choose between clean air and water, and energy.  New Yorkers need both.  Hydro-fracking produces volumes of toxic, radioactive, and caustic waste.  The 24 hours a day, 7 days a week process poses storage, treatment and disposal problems for this waste. Regular operations, as well as accidents can adversely impact the environment and public health.

New York lacks a realistic, safe, and sustainable process for treating and/or disposing of hydro-fracking waste.  The treatment of waste from high volume hydro-fracking will put a severe strain on New York’s already aging and failing water infrastructure.  The DEC has identified wastewater treatment facilities in New York for treating this waste.  Unfortunately, New York’s wastewater treatment facilities are not able to handle the onslaught of industrial fracking waste.

In addition to providing inadequate solutions to the problem of waste, New York State has yet to conduct a cumulative impact analysis and ignored calls for a health impact assessment.  The failure of New York State to conduct these basic analysis clearly shows that the State is not prepared to offer any assurances that it is committed to protecting human health and the environment.

The Power of the People

From Buffalo to Long Island, tens of thousands of New Yorkers have put pen to paper and written to the DEC during the public comment periods.  In addition to this unprecedented public involvement, New Yorkers consistently turn out to fairs, rallies, meetings, small gatherings, and any other type of event to find out how they can stop fracking.

The good news is that we have stopped fracking so far. The bad news is the fight is not over.  It is still imperative that New Yorkers make their voices heard and tell Governor Cuomo – NO Fracking in New York State.

So pick up a phone or better yet – pick up a pen. We need you and we need you now. Tell the Governor that you will not allow fracking to occur in New York. He needs to protect New Yorkers not the oil and gas industry.  Governor Cuomo needs to fight for clean air and water for all New Yorkers, not for the profits of dubious corporations.

Take Action today – call or write Governor Cuomo! New York needs your help.


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One Comment

  1. bill rich
    Posted August 1, 2013 at 6:52 pm | Permalink

    Yes way.

    A study conducted br NY State has shown fracking to be perfectly safe.
    Not only will it enable our country to be energy self sufficient but it will create thousands of well paying jobs right in NY!

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